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Our Story

About Us

Here at Tay & Lexi we are dedicated to producing and offering products that inspire, excite and compliment women.

In 2018, I was inspired by my two daughters to start Tay & Lexi Clothing.  My oldest daughter and I are now working together to create apparel that helps our customers feel fashionable, comfortable ,and confident in our everyday lives. 

Based in Huntington Beach, our company focuses on swim suits and attire that can support you in all types of activities or lounging. Tay & Lexi takes pride in utilizing eco-friendly and sustainable fabrics to help do our part in making a difference in the ecosystem we all share.   We place an emphasis on shopping small and local in order to help support those around us, along with donating a portion of our proceeds to local charities, such as:

Bracken's Kitchen, Convoy of Hope, Robyne's Nest, The Wetlands and Wildlife Care Center.

Tay & Lexi believes- Stay active, educate yourself, love yourself, and look cute while creating your journey in life.



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Kristen Beaulac

I am inspired by my two beautiful girls Taylor and Alexis. Growing up going to Huntington Beach, Bolsa Chica and San Clemente Beach,  I have embraced the SoCal life and have been living in Huntington Beach for 30 years.  Swimwear is a big part of our family's attire so quality and comfort is a must in our collections.  The past two years we have also been sourcing and implementing eco-friendly swimwear in both our women's and men's lines.  We will continue to focus on these things as we expand our brand!  

Taylor Beaulac

In early 2021, I joined in helping with my mom's women's clothing line Tay & Lexi. I love helping design and create product that is comfortable and fashionable that anyone can wear.

In spring 2021 I got my Bachelor's of Science in wildlife, fish, and conservation biology and I am currently working as a Wildlife Biologist in Orange County. I am passionate about caring for our wildlife and making sure they are healthy and safe. Since nature is so important to my mom and I, we try and make Tay & Lexi as eco-friendly as possible. 

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